Dean Russell MP My Plan for Watford

See Dean's ambitious plan for Watford, including his campaigns to secure funding for Watford General Hospital, ending homelessness, safer streets and training for a thousand mental health first aiders.

My Plan For Watford

In the run-up to the election on the 12th December 2019, I campaigned on many issues set out as 'My Plan'. Since the election I have expanded upon these campaigning areas to ensure I deliver on the priorities important to constituents across Watford.

The COVID pandemic meant some priorities became even more important.  such as my mental health first aid training ambitions through to securing the funding for Watford General Hospital. 

Of course, we got Brexit done but there is always more to do. So since becoming elected I have listened and worked alongside many in the community to understand your priorities. That includes working with my team to handle, assess and complete over 11,000 constituency cases in little over 18months.

I want to hear your views so 'My Plan' becomes 'Our Plan' as we emerge from lockdown. I am working hard to deliver on priorities that matter and to ensure that Watford is strongly represented at government level.

You can read about the campaigns I have been working on for Watford below. 

Dean Russell MP successfully lobbies for Maternity visiting changes. Photo: Watford General Hospital


Find out about Dean's lobbying for funding for West Herts Hospital Trust and his additional work to help support our local NHS.  

Mental Health First Aider Training poster: Want To Make A Difference? Register Now.


Find out more about Dean's initiative to train a thousand Mental Health First Aiders in with the help of the Chamber of Commerce and local community groups across Watford, along with his bid to change the law around mental health and much more. 

MP for Watford Dean Russell helping at homelessness shelter giving food and coffee


Over the past year Dean helped secure over £4m to end homelessness in Watford. Find out about his work to end homelessness and support local charities.

Dean Russel MP Watford at the Peace Garden in Cassiobury Park


Find out about Dean's plans to tackle food waste and end the use of single use plastic across Watford. 

Dean Russell MP standing outside Watford Junction train station


From the successful first round bid for the Beeching Line to lobbying for improvements to the width restriction at Woodmere Avenue, through to achieving a freeze on planning numbers across Watford.


Find out about Dean's local work to stand up for Watford. 

Dean Russell MP joins Watford Police on a dawn raid


From joining local police on a dawn raid through to working with the Police and Crime Commissioner.


Find out about Dean's local efforts to tackle county lines crime and ensure our streets are safe.

Dean Russell MP Watford visiting Kingsway Infant School


Find out about Dean's work with local schools through to his work to support skills and jobs across Watford.


Check out all the latest initiatives for skills and jobs from kickstarter schemes to training. 

Dean Russell MP answering a phone at a desk in office as part of Put Dean On Your Team

What Are Your Priorities

Dean is keen to ensure your voice is heard across Watford and in Westminster.

Let Dean know what your priorities are by completing this short survey with your feedback, ideas and priorities. 

Latest Watford News

As your local Watford Champion, Dean Russell MP has been standing up for our town on local initiatives and securing funding to support individuals, businesses, communities and organisations. View some of Dean's activities below.