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Dean speaks regularly in Parliament on issues important to Watford and across the UK. Dean's contributions including speeches, debates and Prime Minister's questions can be found below. 

The Rules of Speaking In Parliament

Dean regularly speaks in Parliament raising local and national issues that affect constituents. Speaking in Parliament can include asking questions to Ministers through to delivering a speech in a debate.

Every speech and question in Parliament is listed in Hansard, which is the official written record of Parliament. Hansard reports date back over 200 years.

For speeches, depending upon the popularity of any given debate, there can be limited opportunities to speak given the time limitations. There is a official process to speak in a debate, and if Dean wishes to speak he must officially write to the Speaker’s Office in advance to say which debate he wants to speak in. This can include outlining any factors that should be taken into account, such as a relevant constituency case or interest.

When MPs are included on a list to speak, this does not always guarantee getting to deliver a speech, especially is the Member of Parliament is near the end of the list. 

MPs can also apply to deliver Ten Minute Rules Bills which are a bid to change the law and adjournment debates. Dean has already successfully done both of these activities in Parliament, with details outlined below.

Dean has spoken on an incredibly diverse range of topics ranging from local issues such as the width restriction at Woodmere Avenue, lobbying for support for local communities and pubs, thanking volunteers and staff at Watford General through to his success in helping the film and production industry restart in the UK and subsequently around the world.

View a selection of Dean's speeches and questions in Parliament below.

Dean's Maiden Speech

Dean was delighted to give his maiden speech in January 2020. During his speech Dean paid tribute to his predecessor Richard Harrington who left a legacy of action for Watford. Dean shared his hopes to build upon this legacy in representing Watford.

Dean spoke about the diversity and history of the town, sharing insights into places and famous figures who grew up in Watford

Along with outlining his ambitions to be a local champion as the MP for Watford, Dean also spoke about tackling mental health and loneliness. He shared his philosophy of H.O.P.E to Help One Person Everyday, and in reference o former Chairman of Watford Football Club, Elton John, he shared his goal to be the 'first rocket man of Watford' by working hard, never giving up and setting high ambitions for the town.

Ten Minute Rule Bill