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    "A Bill to prohibit employers retaining tips and gratuities intended for staff; to make provision about the division of tips and gratuities between staff; and for connected purposes."

I was delighted to introduce a new Bill to Parliament recently entitled ‘The Tips Bill’.


I strongly feel that tips given by customers intended for hard-working staff should be passed on to them directly, or shared as part of an agreed collective team. Any admin fees which are incurred from credit cards would be discussed to ensure that both the business owner and staff alike are treated fairly and openly. 


People work in bars, restaurants, hairdressers and so on see tips as part of their salary in a way – rightly or wrongly. It has always felt wrong to me that businesses can retain the tips that have been given in good faith by the customers directly to an individual for the business to say that is is part of the payment for what they are getting.  


My Bill will return to Parliament on the 10th September where I will seek to formalise and  ask colleagues in the Chamber to make it law. If passed, the law would ban employers from retaining tips which are intended for staff. It will also enable the appropriate arrangements to be made to ensure tips are divided between the staff team, for example restaurants will be able to decide if tips should also be allocated to the hard-working kitchen staff.

Dean Russell MP Tips Bill

The Bill aims to ensure there is complete fairness and I think for most people, when they do leave a tip for someone, they have left it for a specific member of staff who have offered good service, and not the businesses to take an extra chunk of it. 


I am calling on local businesses in Watford, and across the UK to embrace this proposal to ensure that all staff receive the tips they are given. If businesses would like to adopt the pledge, I would ask them to download the graphic on my website to put in their business window or on their website. I sincerely hope by the 10th September, many businesses across Watford and beyond will have signed up to ensure that the staff receive the tips they have worked so hard to earn. 

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