Stopping Border Tax & ULEZ Expansion

I fully agree with constituents’ opposition to the Labour Mayor’s unjustified extension of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone across all London boroughs. Even though this will not encroach into Watford, many residents and businesses travel into London for work, childcare and day to day life. I have repeatedly raised my opposition in Parliament.

Despite two-thirds of respondents opposing the proposal through TfL’s consultation, the Labour Mayor will push ahead to financially punish working people and families, many of whom are not even London residents and cannot hold him to account at the ballot box.

I continue to urge the Mayor to reconsider this unfair charge. Labour run TfL estimates show that, following the expansion, approximately 160,000 cars and 42,000 vans that use London’s roads on an average day would be liable for the £12.50 ULEZ charge.

I raised specific constituent concerns in a debate held just before Christmas 2022 to ensure the objections of Watford residents were known.

I was frustrated to learn that a charity which transports lifesaving medical supplies such as blood and tests to the NHS free of charge was refused an exemption on grounds of air pollution. Notably, according to the Mayor’s own transport studies, the proposal will do little to reduce the levels of air pollution in London. As the charity also transports donated breast milk to premature babies who otherwise may not live, I sought to ensure this was widely known in Parliament and in the media, demonstrating the wider impact this will have on the charity sector. You can watch my intervention above. 

To expand the Mayor’s revenue generation scheme would punish working people who cannot hold him to account at the ballot box. I am disappointed that Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat London Assembly members backed this unfair expansion, which is nothing more than a raid on household budgets. time.  

In February 2023, I joined colleagues to discuss with the Transport Secretary the damaging consequences the expansion will have on constituents. Unfortunately, Transport in London is devolved to the Mayor of London. 

The expansion of the ULEZ comes after myself and a number of colleagues slammed Sadiq Khan’s proposals to introduce a Greater London boundary charge in February 2021.

The proposed ‘border tax’ would have seen drivers paying between £3.50 and £5.50 a day to drive into the city from outside London. I wrote to the London Mayor to highlight the damage his proposals would have on Watford residents, requiring drivers with vehicles registered outside London having to pay once they enter an outer borough such as Enfield or Hillingdon. Fortunately he decided not to progress his idea any further.


Dean Russell MP speaks against the ULEZ boundary

Yesterday, during a debate on local authority boundaries, Dean spoke out against the expansion of the ULEZ boundary, and other such boundaries, as they may well affect the lives of constituents who live outside of the boundary and therefore haven't had a say on it.