Dean Russell MP - Government is doing all it can

One of the real honours in Parliament since becoming an MP has been my election to the Health & Social Care Select Committee (HSCSC) and appointment to the Human Rights Joint Select Committee. I am conscious each time I speak or ask a question, I do so as the elected represented for Watford.

Dean Russell MP on COVID-19 response in Watford

I’m proud of Watford coming together to help elderly & vulnerable people as we deal with coronavirus. One Vision is helping pull together our community response & to them, faith groups, restaurants, supermarkets & all involved THANK YOU!

Watford MP helps New Hope find accommodation for the homeless

Homeless charity New Hope has been able to secure a roof over the heads of some of the town's most vulnerable people in Watford during this #COVID19 crisis - and many of them are beginning to turn their lives around like never before. They will be staying at the Travelodge hotel or OneYMCA.