An appeal from Watford's MP on behalf of National Animal Welfare Trust

The Hertfordshire National Animal Welfare Trust urgently need wet cat and dog food as well as blankets/towels for the animals in their care.

If you have anything to spare, please drop it off by the gate for staff to collect in line with social distancing. (NAWT, Tylers Way, WD25 8WT)

Clap for our NHS

It was so inspiring to see our entire country come together and show solidarity with our NHS staff. They are working tirelessly around the clock to ensure that everyone can receive the support and attention they need throughout this difficult time.

Lord Tristan Garel-Jones

I am deeply saddened to hear of Lord Tristan Garel-Jones passing. He was a great man - caring, passionate and hardworking. He truly cared for Watford and even after all these years was still involved in our Association and other local organisations. My condolences to his family.


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Dean visits Camelot on Tolpits Lane

Dean visited Camelot, a major employer based in Watford. Camelot has been the licensed operator of the National Lottery since 1994 and their Head Office has been based in Watford since then.