Dean Russell MP Volunteering in Watford.


Dean is a hands-on MP and has put people before politics since being elected. Dean has volunteered consistently throughout lockdown including supporting community groups, charities and at Watford General. Find out about Dean's work for our town across Watford below.

The MP That Rolls His Sleeves Up

Dean has been a volunteer and active in the charity world for decades. During the pandemic Dean joined so many across our community to volunteer with local community groups weekly. Dean has been volunteering at Watford General for the past year. 

Along with his hands-on approach to support local charities, community groups and families, he has also been championing volunteering with young people, including actively supporting the set-up of the new Watford Youth Council. 

Dean also used his talents as an artist to raise money for the local NHS charity 'Raise' and supporting the local community fund by painting Watford FC legend Luther Blissett and the great British hero Sir Captain Tom.

Dean has also been raising the importance of volunteering in Parliament and with colleagues through his articles, speeches and reports to encourage community engagement and volunteering across the UK. 

A snapshot of some of Dean's activities and campaign are outlined below including his videos volunteering within the community. 

Dean Russell MP with his painting of Sir Captain Tom Moore auctioned for the WHHT Raise charity

Community and Volunteering Videos 

Since being elected, Dean has been privileged to volunteer alongside local charities and groups to support our community.

Dean's volunteering and community work has ranged from weekly support for local charities including joining community groups reach out to local residents every Saturday, through to being a volunteer at Watford General Hospital since the beginning of the first lockdown. Dean has encouraged others to volunteer and created videos to showcase the amazing work of many local groups and to thank volunteers in Watford and beyond.

The videos here are a small snapshot of the incredible Watford community to highlight the incredible role so many people have played throughout the COVID crisis.

Dean Russell MP volunteers with communities across Watford
Dean Russell MP volunteers with communities across Watford
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Dean Russell MP Volunteering
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Dean Russell MP Volunteering in Watford
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Dean Russell MP Thanks Volunteers at Watford General Hospital on Christmas Day
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Connecting Communities Report

Following a survey during the first COVID lockdown by Dean Russell MP and colleagues across multiple constituencies including Watford, this report explored the role of local communities and support volunteering.

The report showcases the local charity One Vision, which Dean later became a Trustee for, where he has been volunteering throughout the pandemic.

The recommendations from the report have been discussed at the highest levels of Government including No.10 Downing Street to identify how they could be potentially be taken forward. Once again, Watford is leading the way in our community action.

View the full report in the adjacent PDF.




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My Plan For Watford by Dean Russell MP

Dean is actively involved in the community and is leading local and national campaigns and initiatives to make a difference for people across Watford and around the UK. Use the links below to find out more. If you don't see something important to you, let Dean know via a quick community survey here. 

Funding For
Watford General

Find out about Dean's successful lobbying for £400m funding for West Herts Hospital Trust.

Infrastructure &Transport

From Woodmere Avenue to local infrastructure and transport. Find out about Dean's local work. 

Mental Health
& Wellbeing

Find out Dean's plans for mental health & wellbeing across our town.

Safe Streets &
Fighting Crime

Find out about Dean's work to put victims first, tackle crime and ensure our streets are safe.

Tackling Homelessness

Dean has helped secure over £4m to end homelessness in Watford. 

Education, Skills & Jobs

Find out about the latest initiatives for skills and jobs from kickstarter schemes to training. 

Environment & Waste

Join Dean in ending the use of single use plastic and waste across Watford. 

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