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My Plan for Watford by Dean Russell MP


Dean has consistently stood up for victims and has actively supported our local Police. Find out about Dean's support including his experience joining a dawn raid to tackle Serious Organised Crime.

A Commitment To Safer Streets and Tackling Crime 

Dean is committed to putting victims first and tackling crime across Watford. This includes supporting the Government in delivering upon the commitment to put an additional 20,000 police officers with the powers and backing they need to strive to keep our streets safe.


As well as recruiting new police officers, the Conservatives are making sure they have the backing they need to protect us.

Things like extending stop and search where we’ve empowered more than 8,000 police officers with enhanced powers as part of our efforts to crack down on violent crime.

Police Forces have been given an additional £10 million pounds in additional funding to significantly increase the number of officers carrying a Taser. We will put the Police Covenant into law to ensure they have the support they need. 

Police will be empowered by a new court order to target known knife carriers, making it easier for officers to stop and search those convicted of knife crime. 

Anyone charged with knife possession will appear before magistrates within days not weeks. Those who use a knife as a weapon should go to prison.

Our commitment to protecting the public

10,000 new prison places will mean that we can hold the additional offenders who will be caught, charged and sentenced


£2.75 billion will be spent on creating modern, efficient prisons to better reform criminals and keep the public safe, whilst an extra £100 million will aid the crackdown on crime within prisons.

And to make sure that the public are properly protected from dangerous criminals we’re ending the automatic release of the most serious violent and sexual offenders at the halfway point of their sentence as well as conducting an urgent review of sentencing.

We will introduce tougher sentencing for the worst offenders and end automatic halfway release from prison for serious crimes. For child murderers, there will be life imprisonment without parole.


We will expand electronic tagging for criminals serving time outside jail, including the use of sobriety tags for those whose offending is fuelled by alcohol.

We will toughen community sentences, for example by tightening curfews and making those convicted do more hours of community payback to clean up our parks and streets.

We will combat extremism and do all we can to ensure that extremists never receive public money.


We will keep our country safe from terrorism. We will invest in the police and security services and give them the powers they need to combat new threats. In the wake of the terrible events in Manchester in 2017, we will improve the safety and security of public venues.


The Conservatives will always take the necessary steps to ensure criminals are kept off our streets. Since the appalling incident on London Bridge, we’ve announced that we’ll keep terrorists in prison for longer and tighten security around our borders we can keep people and communities in Britain safe.

Standing Up For Watford

Dean has spoken in Parliament about his belief victims should be put first when tackling crime.

Dean regularly speaks to the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure Watford is at the forefront of stopping criminal behaviour and streets are as safe as possible.

Dean has also met with Home Secretary, Priti Patel on multiple occasions to discuss crime and antisocial behaviour in Watford, including to debrief on his experience joining a dawn raid in Watford which dismantled a Serious Organised Crime gang.

Dean Russell MP with Home Secretary Priti Patel discussing tackling Crime in Watford

Podcast with David Lloyd

Dean enjoyed taking part in podcasts with the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd. The Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for ensuring that Watford and Hertfordshire is a safe place to live and work.


The PCC is also in charge of the local policing plan and budget, and holds the Chief Constable to account. 

Standing Up For Domestic Abuse Victims

Dean supported the introduction of the Domestic Abuse Act which will provide further protections to the millions of people who experience domestic abuse and strengthen measures to tackle perpetrators.  

Dean commented: "It is staggering that this is the first time in history that a wide-ranging legal definition of domestic abuse is in place, and is very welcome to ensure domestic abuse is tackled across our community. The new law includes a range of abuses beyond physical violence, including emotional, coercive or controlling behaviour, and economic abuse.  All of which can have a devastating effect upon domestic abuse victims. I am proud this new law will put victims first in this awful crime."​

For full details of the Domestic Abuse Bill visit the announcement via the link below.

Graphic: Domestic Abuse Bill Is Now Law

Tackling Serious Organised Crime

Dean joined a dawn raid as police undertook a number of early morning raids at a series of addresses in and around Watford in a large operation which was targeting organised crime groups. There were a number of arrests during the operation on suspicion of conspiracy to supply class A drugs.  

The Police are always grateful for any information which members of the public can provide, no matter how small it may seem. 

In order to appropriately tackle serious organised crime, it is so important for all tiers of Government to work in tandem to maximise resources and intelligence.

Serious and organised crimes can have a profound and lasting impact on an individual, family, business or the wider community. Sadly we hear reports of this being particularly prevalent with vulnerable individuals, families and communities, many of whom are frequently targeted by organised crime groups which sadly often leads to them being exploited. 

Protecting Animal Welfare 

Dean welcomed tougher prison sentences for animal cruelty that will come into force after the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill received Royal Assent. This means that the maximum prison sentence for animal cruelty will be raised from six months to five years from 29 June 2021.


The new maximum penalty will enable courts to take a firmer approach to cases such as dog fighting, abuse of puppies and kittens, illegally cropping a dog’s ears and gross neglect of farm animals. As well as a prison sentence, offenders can also receive an unlimited fine.

The more stringent sentences will be some of the toughest in Europe. The Act will help ensure courts are able to enforce extended penalties for those who cruelly mistreat any animal, sending a clear message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

Dean commented that "Like so many constituents across Watford, I love animals and the idea that anyone would want to cruelly harm a pet is abhorrent. This law will make sure potential abusers think twice and protects vulnerable pets across our community."

For full details on Animal Welfare Sentencing visit the announcement here.  

Graphic: Animal Welfare Sentencing Bill: Now Law - Longer prison terms for animal abusers

Dean contributes to MP's report with essay on Homelessness and Housing First

Dean Russell MP contributed to a series of essays in early 2020 as part of a 'Valuing Housing, Improving Lives’.


The essays were grouped into three main themes of supporting the vulnerable in society, promoting opportunity and prosperity for all and exploring the role in planning in creating successful and sustainable communities.

For helping those most in need our ideas include proposals for a ‘preservation of life’ Act to tackle rough sleeping (Nickie Aiken); support to victims of domestic abuse (Joy Morrissey) dealing with the blight of ‘Cuckooing’ (Dean Russell) and extending the ‘housing first’ system to a ‘prevention first’ approach that would allocate extra spending for frontline and preventative services (Robin Millar).

The report can be viewed here via the PDF viewer here or download via the original Localis report website.

Tackling Terrorism

The new Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Act completely ends the prospect of early release for anyone convicted of a serious terror offence and forces them to spend their whole term in jail.

The most dangerous offenders – such as those found guilty of preparing or carrying out acts of terrorism where lives were lost or at risk – now face a minimum of 14 years in prison and up to 25 years on licence, with stricter supervision.

The legislation will put terrorists behind bars for longer – protecting the public and helping to keep our streets safe.

Counter Terrorism and Sentencing Bill: Now Law - 14 year minimum sentencing for terrorists
Graphic: Watford Police Numbers: 2219
My Plan For Watford by Dean Russell MP

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