Dean Russell MP visits Ellcod Promotional Solutions

Watford MP Dean Russell visited local business Ellcod Promotional Solutions as part of his 'Get Dean on Your Team' initiative.

The initiative sees Dean do shifts with businesses in Watford where he can learn more about their operations and understand about the needs of local businesses.

Ellcod Promotional Solutions is a prominent Watford business that is nationally recognised for their promotional solutions. Clients ranging from the London Marathon, Microsoft, Amazon and Sony have turned to this local business for branding, merchandising and promotional requirements. With Watford previously being known as a 'printing town', Ellcod Promotional Solutions are bringing back that reputation for the town.

During his time at Ellcod Promotional Solutions, Dean was shown the process of securing clients, processing industrial level orders and how they incorporate ethical standards into their work practises.

Ellcod are at the forefront of introducing new environmental and biodegradable printed promotional products into the mainstream.

Dean Russell MP said: "It was great to spend time with David and the team at Ellcod Promotional Solutions. It is businesses like this that cement Watford's reputation as a hub of commerce, enterprise, and trade.”

David Garnelas (MD of Ellcod Promotional Solutions) said, "Dean does so much for the local community and it was a pleasure to discuss our expansion and our business needs with someone that listens and acts”

For further information on Ellcod you can view or email. for further information. With over half a million items in stock they are sure to have whatever products you require.

If you would like Dean to join your business for a shift, please email on