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Watford Coronavirus Volunteers

Over the past few days I have been contacted by so many of you asking how you could help. Thank you.

I've been thinking about how best to coordinate all these offers of support to make sure everyone in our community is kept safe over the coming weeks and months.

I will be working with my team, community leaders and groups across the constituency to link offers of help together with people that need help in a safe and secure way. People who are self-isolating should only volunteer to help with phone calls.

The sort of help we are likely to need will be collection and delivery of emergency supplies, phoning people who are self-isolating to make sure they're ok and not feeling too lonely and running small errands for people who cannot go out.

Things will change very quickly so what we are looking for is an offer to volunteer and by working together we'll begin to see what's needed most.

Thank you for thinking of getting involved - by working together we will help make sure everyone gets through this difficult time.

Dean Russell

Note: Any data we collect will only be used for volunteering and support purposes. We may share your data with appropriate community groups who will only be permitted to use your data for coronavirus support and volunteering purposes.

Hertfordshire uniting against coronavirus 

#TeamHerts Volunteering is working in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council to collect the names and details of all those who are interested in volunteering to assist those affected by coronavirus.

Self-isolation can be a difficult and lonely time for many. Volunteering your time to offer some basic support can make this period a lot easier.

Volunteers can help by dropping off some groceries and picking up some essential supplies. Other roles include offering a friendly voice over the phone or even giving basic support in a care setting.

Follow the link below to sign up. Your details will then be passed over to local organisations and community groups who have identified that they require extra support.

Team Herts Volunteering

NHS Volunteer Responders

NHS Volunteer Responders has been set up to support the NHS and the care sector during the COVID-19 outbreak. To do this we need an 'army' of volunteers who can support the 1.5m people in England who are at most risk from the virus to stay well. Our doctors, nurses, those working in local authorities and other professionals, will be able to refer people in to NHS Volunteer Responders and be confident that they have been matched with a reliable, named volunteer. 

You can help by signing up for one or more of the tasks listed below. Once you have registered and checks are complete you will be provided a log-in to the GoodSAM Responder app. Switch the app to 'on duty', and you'll see live and local volunteer tasks to pick from nearby. 

This programme enables volunteers to provide care or to help a vulnerable person, which is permitted under the new rules announced by the Government on 23rd March 2020. Volunteers may be asked to show the active task they are responding to if asked.

To join the national volunteer effort you can sign up here.