Dean's 20 year relationship with Watford

Much of Dean's family life has been centred in Watford for 20 years. His daughter was born at Watford General Hospital. His wife was born in Leavesden and grew up here in Watford. Dean's wife's family remain in Watford, where Dean has enjoyed spending the last 20 Christmas Day's.

Dean's position on Brexit

Dean voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum. He will support the Prime Minister in getting the new Brexit deal done. Dean is the only candidate standing in Watford who will deliver the will of the British people when it comes to Brexit.

Visit to Watford Gurdwara celebrating 550 years

Dean enjoyed celebrating with the Sikh community in Watford at the Gurdwara. Dean gave a speech highlighting the importance of hope, integration and community support. 

Liam Fox visits Watford

We were delighted to have former Defence and International Trade Secretary of State Dr Liam Fox visit Dean on the campaign trail. Liam and Dean canvassed Watford High Street and spoke to more than half a dozen life long Labour voters who will vote Conservative for the first time.

Join us in Watford

Watford Conservatives have been hitting streets across the entirety of Watford and Three Countries as we campaign to #keepWatfordblue. Dean has this week been out in Tudor, Holywell, Oxhey, Carpenders Park, Oxhey Hall, Central, Meriden, Leggats and Callowland from dawn until dusk.

Supporting Watford Conservatives In The Tudor By-Election

Today there is a local by-election in Tudor Ward in Watford. I have been pleased to support our candidate Carly Bishop and the local Watford Conservative Association team over the past few weeks as they worked tirelessly to campaign in the area.

Dean commented on the campaign