MP for Watford auctions painting in honour of Captain Tom Moore

Watford’s MP Dean Russell Dean Russell donated a painting he did of Captain Tom Moore to RAISE, The West Hertfordshire Hospitals Charity, which raised over £500 in a 24-hour auction.

Speaking on Captain Tom Moore’s milestone birthday Dean Russell said that “Captain Moore has encouraged people to focus on the positives during the current situation. His determination goes to show that someone of his age can be full of energy and is able to do remarkable things.

“Who knows if we will see something like this again, but never say never.”

The MP for Watford added that Cpt Moore has earned “a well-deserved rest” after “making a massive difference”. He said: “Cpt Moore and been an absolute inspiration and I thank him for what he has done and how much he has managed to raise for the NHS.

“I think what Cpt Moore has shown through his act is the love and care that we have for the NHS and what he has been able to achieve is phenomenal. I hope he has a really great day on his birthday, he deserves an amazing rest.”