My Plan for Watford

Getting Brexit Done

  • If elected with a majority Government on December 12th I am the only candidate who is pledging to Get Brexit Done. We need end the delay, confusion and division of the past three years and move forward together. I believe it is as much an issue now about democracy as it is about Brexit itself. Whether you have voted leave or remain it is our duty to implement the Democratic wish of the British people and that's what I intend to do as your MP.

Watford General Hospital redevelopment project.

  • Now that the £400 million for West Herts Hospital Trust has been agreed, we must ensure work commences without delay.
  • Whilst some facilities are brand new and state of the art, others are in major need of work. Work will be carried out in a phased way to keep disruption to a minimum.
  • I will ensure that the new multi-storey car parks adopt a pay on exit scheme. Patients and visitors should not have to worry about topping up their parking.


Providing the Infrastructure that is Needed to Support our Residents.

  • I will ensure that any large development has the necessary infrastructure; if we are to welcome more residents, we need more GP surgeries and schools to cope with this increased demand. The Government has set aside over £5 billion for the Housing Infrastructure Fund, so let’s put it to use!
  • Existing residents should not have to struggle with obtaining a local school place or an appointment with their GP due to development.
  • I will ensure that the development on the St Albans Road, if given the green light, has not just a primary school but also a GP surgery. This will ease the pressure on surrounding surgeries in Nascot, Central and Callowland.


Transport Must provide Value for Money!

  • I pledge to give London NorthWestern Railway an imminent deadline to radically improve performance at Watford Junction, Kings Langley and Bushey. They have performed abysmally for all commuters, particularly those with disabilities.
  • I will make sure that the busiest services have the greatest capacity. For example, there is no point the 08.06 service from Watford Junction having less capacity than the 09.21 service; this is not fair on hard working commuters that pay the highest fares of all of those living within the TfL travel zone.
  • Too many commuters are arriving late to work through no fault of their own, and too many are arriving home much later than planned in the evening.
  • A zone 1-9 travelcard costs £3,660 a year, yet commuters are not receiving value for money. There are delays, cancellations and too many instances in which passengers are not able to board services due to overcrowding.
  • I will lobby Herts County Council, to assess the phasing of traffic lights at the Ring Road and the Dome Roundabout. Traffic in our constituency is worsening and something needs to be done urgently. Cars queuing in traffic contribute significantly to CO2 emissions and we need to address this without delay.


3-tier Mental Health Initiative

  • As a long-time champion for better mental health services, I pledge to connect AND IMPROVE mental health provision in schools, the workplace and in our communities.
  • I want to ensure that no resident in Watford ever feels alone and without support. Loneliness is one of the greatest injustices of our time and I will organise regular community events across the entire constituency to bring people together and to make sure nobody is without a friendly face to chat with over a cup of tea.
  • We need an urgent review of mental health services and to make access to adult social care quicker and easier. Nobody should be left without the care that they need and are entitled to.
  • I will campaign for every college, workplace and care home to have ‘mental health first aiders’ through a training initiative that I will launch. We must ensure that mental illness is viewed in the same way as  physical illness.
  • If elected, I will ensure that nobody has to wait more than 2 weeks to access specialist mental health treatment.



  • I am proud of the UK's world-leading role in tackling climate change and the transition to Clean Growth.
  • I want our children and grandchildren to grow up in a country that is clearer and greener than the one we grew up in; when it comes to the environment, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.
  • I will launch a Watford conference to host all businesses across our town to discuss ending single-use plastic, reducing emissions and campaigning for cleaner air.
  • We must ensure that all brownfield sites are utilised in order to protect our green belt and stop urban sprawl.
  • I will encourage all supermarkets to scrap the use of plastic bags for fruit and veg; let’s go back to recyclable brown paper bags!


Restoring faith and accountability in our democracy

  • I will hold weekly surgeries across the constituency and organise regular public meetings so that I am held to account.
  • We need to deliver on the 2016 referendum result so that we can move on together as a country and focus on other issues.
  • Too many people, understandably, are tired of hearing about Brexit and feeling that they are not being listened to.
  • I will welcome constituents to Parliament where I will host Q+A sessions.